Shih Tzu – Puppy ZaiZai Learning New Tricks

Shih Tzu puppies are full of personality. They’re adorable and easy to love, just like the adorable Zaizai in the video. Your Shih Tzu has been able to entertain you all day with his antics and affection. But when it comes to training, he might be a bit stubborn.

He’s going to learn basic commands and fun tricks, but be prepared to repeat commands several times before he bothers to care. Easy tricks should come with a huge price in the form of a delicious treat reward and a lot of time training. When you start training your Shih Tzu easy tricks, he’ll start to see how fun and rewarding learning can be, and building new tricks will be easier.

Easy tricks are the best place to start with a puppy. Starting with the ‘sit’ command and building up for fun, a simple trick is a great place to start with basic Shih Tzu training. He’s going to have fun, build up his cuteness skills, and learn a few things.


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