Shih Tzu – Doggie Clicker Training

Shih Tzu – Doggie Clicker Training

Clicker training is an approach of teaching a dog tricks or commands where the sound is used to make the dog predict a positive reinforcement, such as a treat. The clicker is not a motivating factor, but it works like a spotlight that helps keep the dog’s attention on the reward.

In this way, the trainer can get the dog’s attention longer and also helps to teach discipline to the dog. t In this way, the trainer can hold the dog’s attention longer and also motivate the dog to teach discipline.

Compared to only using voice commands, clicker training is faster and more efficient as it does not confuse the dog with the chain of events that the training uses–command, good behaviour, clicker, and then treat.

Remember, dogs are intelligent creatures, but they need guidelines and repetitive instructions before they can understand the command. Once you’ve established the chronological actions in their minds, you’ll be surprised how quickly they can pick up whatever you want them to do.

This adorable Shih Tzu is a great example of how effective a wrist strap clicker training is. This dog is going to impress you as he does a lot of tricks quickly and without fail.

Another noteworthy thing Shih Tzu has been trained to do is to be able to understand the instructions of his owner and have fun while doing so. He even looks like he enjoys all the attention and gestures he’s making.

Absolutely, this dog is worthy of all the treats in the world. He even said good-bye to the camera with a wave and his extremely cute little face looking at us.

Source: 2cute2shihtzu


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