Shih Tzu, Badger Having a Sing-a-long!

It is a known phenomenon that when you play the music that has high-pitched tones to it, often made by wind or reed instruments like clarinets and saxophones, your dog may “sing-a-long” by howling whenever the music is played.

Although you may think that your dog is trying to sing-a-long to the music, it’s more likely that they are getting confused by the pitch of the music, and think it is another dog signalling to them.

Howling is a form of communication that wolves do to gather the pack together in one single location and to celebrate being “one unit”. With this said, if your puppies are howling along to your latest music craze, don’t be alarmed and certainly don’t punish them for it.

Here is Badger, a Shih Tzu who loves doing just that – howling to one particular song of Buddy Greene.

As you can see in the above video, as soon as the song comes on, Badger immediately begins howling.

The other puppy in the video also walks around close to Badger, emphasizing the old adage that howling was done to bring the wolves together.


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