Training Tips – Shih Tzu Shows Off For Treats

Training tips – Your Shih Tzu can understand more words than you know. Yes, they do. But there are certain things that you need to know to ensure that they understand what you are saying. And there is a way of saying. Your Shih Tzu gets used to your tone, and they start picking up the manner in which you talk.

So, here are certain things that you need to know to ensure that your dog understands your words!

Before anything, just know that everyone can understand the language of love! If there is love and attachment between you and your canine friend, half of the work is done there. And the rest, these 4 things will teach you!

Training Tips

Training Tips

Fun fact: Your Shih Tzu can learn up to 250 words! How cool is that?

1st Focus on words

They cannot understand the sentences. But if you repeat the same word for a particular action, they start recognizing the word and do that in action! Example: when you say “let’s go for a walk,” they come running towards the door. It is because they know what walk means. Now say, “Ping, Pong, Sing, walk,” they will still react in the same way.

2nd Physical touch and showing

Say hand and hold their paw; after a while, your Shih Tzu will understand that by hand it means paw! So, if you keep on repeating this, they will learn it faster than any other means of learning.

3rd Tonality

If you yell at first, they bark back. Because it confuses them, but if you say strictly then slowly they will realize, it is something, they are not supposed to do.

Like – ‘Don’t do that!’ will be more effective when you say seriously and not by yelling. The other thing that you need to control is, no matter how cute or funny your Shih Tzu looks, you are not supposed to laugh while scolding.

4th Clear body language

Use your hands to make sure that you can explain your words to your pup. They can understand visual gestures faster than words. So, if you have to say ‘No’, just shake your head; suppose you want to praise, cuddle them on their head, etc. These are the things that you need to do.

Want to see, once they can understand your words, how do they react?


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