It’s a zoomies kind of day with Lacey 💨😆 | Silly Shih Tzu dog 🐾

Dog zoomies, like what Lacey does, are times of frantic activity in which a dog runs in circles and seems to be unaware of their surroundings. Zoomies are more common in puppies but could occur in dogs of any age.

They are doing it without noticing what s going on around them, what they are breaking, or who they are knocking on in the process.

When zooms happen indoors, it can leave the rest of the family in quite a state. But is this behaviour hazardous, beyond the risk of your appliances and ankles?

So why are dogs running in circles like this?

We do not know precisely why some dogs are prone to frapping or getting the zoomies, and some dogs aren’t.

We do know that the zoomies of dogs are more common during periods when a dog is full of energy – in other words, it has not been practiced for a while or has been shut down in the house for a few hours.

You will see a play bow sometimes before the zooms begin!

Some dogs will never get zooms, no matter how full of energy they are, and others will get them frequently. So that is not the only explanation.

Some dogs may have a trigger or trigger. Like grooming, a bath, or a game.  

Although this is the only trigger for your dog, this may not be the true cause of zoomies.

Source: Lacey Shih Tzu


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