Indoor Potty Training – Cooper the Shih Tzu

When it comes to house training your puppy, there are three different routes you can take. Crate training is one option, taking your new pup outside frequently is the second option, and doing paper training is the third option. 

indoor potty training

Although there are pros and cons to each method, there are some basic steps you can follow to enhance indoor potty training success. First, make sure you get your new puppy’s diet under control, keep them on a consistent schedule with feeding, exercise, and regular trips outside, and make sure you provide them with regular exercise. 

Cooper, our Shih Tzu, was potty trained in five days using the paper training method.

As you can see in the video above, Cooper the Shih Tzu, successfully went to the washroom, indoors on his Wizdog potty training pad. 

The Wizdog potty training tray has a honeycomb grate, fits all regular daily newspapers, and prevents paws from coming into contact with urine. Although the Wizdog looks similar to a dog litter box, it does not require a little refill and has a smooth inner finish for easy cleanup.

When your puppy goes number two like Cooper, all you have to do is flip the grate over and clean as needed. You can use regular newspapers in the bottom of the tray or Wizdog’s training pads. 

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