All You Need To Know About the Shorkie


Shorkie has a wide range of coat colors to choose from. The parent breed with the dominant traits determines the coat color. Irrespective of its color, the Shorkie boasts of a fine silky coat.

When talking about size, there won’t be uniformity generally. This is because the Shorkie is a crossbreed. Thus it is highly dependent on nature and size its parent breeds. Considering that both parent breeds are very tiny dogs, the Shorkie will naturally tend to be between 5-9 ft tall.

At maturity, the Shorkie weighs between 15-16 pounds.

Handling The Puppies

Learning how to brush a dog’s teeth, is a very helpful skill for SShorkie owners. This breed is prone to a lot of dental issues. This can be reduced by increasing the water content in its food.

As the saying goes, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. There are similar traits gotten from its parent breed. One of which is, the Shorkie is likely to resist late training. Owners are encouraged to begin training and housebreaking at an early stage.

Having long silk hair, an unspoken rule for this dog is “Everyday grooming is a must!”

Having long silk hair,

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