8 Reasons Why Shih Tzus Are The Best

Thinking of Shih Tzu, all that comes to mind is their cute looks and curly furs. It is impossible to resist those coats and their beautiful big rolling eyes calling for your attention and love. No one gets bored of their looks and their cute yawning style when all they want is a nice sleep on your lap.

With their long and growing fur, the fun and attention they flaunt while someone grooms their hair is the part of their cuteness that becomes an irreplaceable memory. It can only be captured in your moments because some feelings are hard to mold in mere words.

Aren’t you curious to know what makes them the best dogs in all breeds?

1.Homely dogs

Girlie shih tzu lying down
Girlie shih tzu lying down

So if you have a dog like German Shepherd, they will never let you share your part of the bed. But with Shih Tzu, they do not require a significant space on your bed but do need a big space in your heart.

But don’t be shocked when you will have your sofa messed up because someone is chewing on them!


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