Shih Tzu Cancer – 12 Signs To Look For

Shih Tzu cancer  – have you heard this before? Yes, it is a very common problem in this breed. Moreover, if you know anyone whose pet died because of this disease, then surely the whole idea is worrying you more. But what if you know about the signs from an early stage? Sounds a bit more relieving? So, read here about the major indications to know if the disease is in your Shih Tzu cancer.

Shih Tzu Cancer – 12 signs to look for:

After knowing and understanding these signs, you can take immediate steps and take your Shih Tzu to a vet. So, here are those:

1. Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite -Shih Tzu Cancer

Shih Tzu loves to eat! Treat for them is the best thing that can happen. This is quite a major sign, so better not to avoid it.

2. Unusual odour

Unusual odour - Shih Tzu Cancer

Shih Tzu has a particular odour when they start growing old. But if the smell is a sudden thing happening then the disease in Shih Tzu can also be cancer.


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