11 Natural Ways to Prevent Fleas in Shih Tzu Dogs for Good

Natural Ways to Prevent Fleas in your Shih Tzu dog for good, here are a few?

Natural Ways to Prevent Fleas – Fleas are the pain in the neck of any Shih Tzu owner’s life. Not only would fleas irritate your precious Shih Tzu and trigger excessive scratching once they infiltrate your home, but they would also lay eggs in your carpet, furniture, and basically any nook and cranny they could access.

We suggest following the recommendation of your vet, but if you prefer a more Natural Ways to Prevent Fleas approach, there are actually a lot of ways to prevent fleas on Shih Tzus naturally without using chemical repellents or treatments. If you are wondering how to prevent fleas on Shih Tzu dogs for good, here are our tips:

Dish Soap

To clear your house of a nasty flea infestation, you could try this trick. Put a plate on the floor in every room of your house and fill each plate with water. Add a capful of ordinary dish soap to every plate and put a lit tea candle in the center of the plates. Fleas would be lured into the candlelight, but the soapy liquid in the plate would trap and kill the fleas. The best and safest way to do this method is to stay awake while the candles burn as a safety measure. Keep the kids and pets out of the rooms with the flea traps.

Herbal Spray

Refrain from using harsh treatments and chemicals and instead choose this herbal spray to purge your home of nasty fleas. Mix a gallon of vinegar, half a gallon of tap water, a cup of witch hazel, and 2 cups of lemon juice to make your solution, then vacuum your home meticulously to remove errant fleas prior to spraying your concoction.

Natural Ways to Prevent Fleas

Wash everything that could not be vacuumed, like linens and towels, on the hottest setting. Next, for a wonderful herbal flea treatment, spray the mix all throughout your house and repeat regularly or as needed.



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