6 Warning Signs That Your Shih Tzu Is Suffering From Depression

3. Not spending time with You

This is bad! They love spending time and having people around them. There is nothing more that they love. Every time you enter the door, you will see how they wag their tail and jump or do tricks. When your Shih Tzu is depressed, the first thing they will do is stop interacting, and that is exactly when you should call for help. Support them emotionally as they do to you.

4. Constantly licking paws

When something is wrong with us, we shake our legs or fidget with something. It is similar when a Shih Tzu is suffering from depression, they constantly lick their paws, and in severe cases, they start chewing themselves. So, if you see your loving canine is doing something similar, take notice and do something about it.

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