50 Cute names for your Shih Tzu!

11. Felicia – One of the best Shih Tzu name. ‘The Joyous one.’

12. Frodo – He is the ‘Precious.’

13. Gucci – Your Shih Tzu name should reflect the ‘Brand.’

14. Honey – Cute golden honey punch they are.

15. Hailey – Now, this is a sweet hail-storm running around your house.

16. Isabelle – Pretty and poised!

17. Jem/Jewel – They are the apple and Jewel of your eye!

18. Jumpy – Shih Tzu name should reflect their personality, and they certainly are jumpy!

19. King – At least you can treat them like that.

20. Khaleesi – The cute Queen.

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  1. She is a rescue dog from the shelter, my husband calls her. “Baby Girl”. We are so happy with her, she has brought great joy to our lives.

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